Dr. Alisa Cooper

Chiropractor/ Certified Clinical Nutritionist/ EFT Practitioner


  Dr. Cooper earned her undergraduate degree in psychology, while following the Pre-med program at the University of Delaware.  Dr. Cooper then went on to earn her Doctor of Chiropractic degree, summa cum laude, from New York Chiropractic College in 1986.


   In 1989, Dr. Cooper and her husband, Dr. Michael Wechsler, established Pinelands Chiropractic Center in New Jersey where they served their community for ten years. During that time, Dr. Cooper earned her certification in clinical nutrition from the International and American Association of Clinical Nutritionsts. Her nutritional presentations, workshops and consultations have taught countless people to *“eat right for a lifetime.”


  Dr. Cooper and her family moved to Arizona in 1999 where Dr. Alisa established a thriving home-office practice.  There, Dr. Cooper attended the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts and earned the title of life coach. Combining her expertise and experience as a holistic health practitioner with her finely tuned skills as a life coach, Dr. Cooper emerged as an innovator in the field of Wellness Coaching.


  Dr. Alisa’s approach to health and healing is deeply rooted in the mind/body connection. She recognized early on that pain syndromes and physical ailments have emotional origins. Likewise, physical injury and illness directly impact the emotions.  This observation led Dr. Cooper to pursue certification in EFT, or Emotional Freedom Technique. This gentle, effective technique resolves disruptions in the body’s energy system to allow marked improvements on the mind/body continuum.


  Dr. Cooper is an educator and an advocate for the alternative healing arts. A former high school teacher of biology and anatomy, she is now a popular speaker and author of numerous health articles, newsletters, and blogs.  Dr. Alisa is an active member of the Arizona Holistic Chamber of Commerce where she served on the board for two years and hosted an Internet radio show focusing on interviews with some of the hottest practitioners and entrepreneurs in the health/wellness industry.


  Dr. Cooper is passionate about the merits of exercise for both body and mind. She draws from her experience as a runner, hiker, triathlete and yoga enthusiast to inspire others to make exercise an important, and enjoyable, part of their wellness lifestyle.


Dr. Cooper is married to Dr. Michael Wechsler and has two young adult sons…and two Miniature Schnauzers!


Give me a fish and I eat for a day; teach me to fish and I eat for a lifetime.”